Tuesday 24 July 2012

About my Boler

My Boler was built in the summer of 1972 in Earlton, Ontario.  On the outside it is olive and white.  On the inside, it is very Seventies: harvest gold upholstery and avocado green sink and stove.  I found some of the original vinyl flooring beneath the crappy laminate that a previous owner  had installed -- also avocado green.
Not much updating had been done to this Boler.  The original 2-way fridge had failed, and had been replaced by a cheap 120-volt bar fridge.  New curtains had been sewn, and the same material was used to reupholster the upper bunk / back of couch.  The cupboard doors had been painted black, and a cheap lamp had been screwed to the side of the closet.
As for the condition of this trailer, it is probably sound enough to be used as is, but there are many things that aren't ideal. The seam tape on the Ensolite has come off in places, the ceiling vent is cracked, the enamel on the sink is chipped, and there is a strange stickiness to the Ensolite surface.  The front and rear windows are hazy and crackled, but the side jalousie windows seem fine enough.  The frame seems strong enough, but it has had reinforcements welded onto it more than a couple of times.
I bought the trailer nearly two years ago and it has sat in my yard ever since.  I towed it only once, on the day that I bought it.  Its "Rub-R-Ride" suspension worked fine that day, but it was a little noisy.  I have decided to replace the old axle with a new Dexter Torflex axle, with electric brakes.  I just got started with this restoration, and have successfully removed the old frame in order to assess its strength, and to install the new axle.  My next posting will cover the details of the frame separation.

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  1. The dexter #9 axle doesn't fit the Boler. The frame on the Boler need modified.