Monday, 29 July 2013

Interior Doors

After much discussion, my wife and I settled on painted panel doors for the interior cupboards.  I would need to build the three upper doors, two lower doors, one closet door, one panel to cover the opening in the rear bench where there had been a drawer, and one more panel to cover the two openings in the front bench where drawers had been.  I didn't like the drawers in either location because they didn't hold much gear and they made it impossible to stow stuff in the corners of these benches.
Upper cupboard doors.
I bought 12 feet each of 1 x 4 and 1 x 6 clear pine, and one small bundle of "beaded" tongue and groove wainscot pine. The 1 x 6 was cut to length and ripped lengthwise to 2 1/2" widths, and the 1 x 4 was cut to length and ripped to make 1 1/4" wide strips.  These made the rails and stiles of the panels.  I cut 1/4" dado grooves in each stick, and then cut 1/4" tenons in the ends of each rail.  The wainscot material was about 1/4" thick too, so it all came together pretty well with a little glue and some clamping.
The closet door, unpainted.
The doors needed sanding and then priming.  I used more of the Zinsser 1-2-3 primer/sealer for this.  It took us a while to get the right colour for the finish coats -- we had picked out a nice taupe colour using our set of Benjamin Moore paint chips and then went looking for a suitable durable base paint.  Home Hardware had a good one, and they were able to call up the "recipe" for the Benjamin Moore paint on their computer.  But after two applications of this stuff it was apparent that the tone was far lighter and had more yellow in it than we wanted.  So we set out to get proper Benjamin Moore paint.  The only local store that carried it was closed that evening and so we found ourselves at Home Depot doing the computer search once again.  We went with a CIL melamine-like base paint and it's pretty close to what we wanted.  So now most of the door fronts have 5 or 6 layers of paint on them.
Oh, and the inside face of the main door got painted, too.  I just used the same acrylic latex paint that I used on the Ensolite.

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