Sunday, 16 October 2016

Initial Condition

So let's have a look at this Trillium!
It was absolutely filthy inside, and Carl documented some of the cleanup in his blog.  I will start with the most worrisome part -- the damage to the shell.  This is why the purchase price was so "reasonable".  I'm pretty sure a tree limb fell on the roof, because I can't imagine that a heavy load of snow would make it buckle and fracture on just one side of the trailer.
1976 Trillium: this photo shows enormous cracks in the fiberglass shell above the front window and extending across the roof.

1976 Trillium: This shows damage to the driver's side wall and roof, near the side window.

1976 Trillium: This fracture was likely caused by the interior upper cupboard being forced downward, pushing out the side wall.

1976 Trillium: This is another view of the fracture to the roof and side wall on the driver's side, near the front.

1976 Trillium: More ugliness near the side window!

1976 Trillium: This is the foam backing from the carpet.  It was sopping wet because the roof couldn't keep the weather out.

1976 Trillium: This is the front window with the sun shade / stone guard removed.

1976 Trillium: And this is the rotten plywood strip below the front window, with the window unit removed.  None of the plywood strips will be saved and re-used.
What's next?  Figuring out how to re-align the deformed sections of the fiberglass shell and patch them.

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