Monday, 1 July 2013

Back From the Paint Shop

Hmm.  It looks okay.  It's not exactly the colour that I had intended.
1972 Boler, freshly painted.
Well, maybe it looks pretty good.  The holes that needed patching are patched, and the trailer is ready for all the interior work.  Again, the reason I wanted to have the exterior painted first was because I will be using stainless steel bolts instead of aluminum rivets.  Paint doesn't adhere to stainless steel very well, so my finished exterior will include unpainted bolt heads.
My wife and I used Benjamin Moore paint chips when we chose our two colours.  We settled on Eucalyptus Leaf and Bavarian Cream.  My body shop guy got us something closer to a pea-green and a very white white.  Here are some more pictures:

My body shop guy had difficulty installing the front and rear Lexan windows-- it was too tight a fit, and he couldn't insert the lock strip.  He told me he thought the person I bought them from must have cut outside the line he traced from the original, rather than inside. So, I'm going to borrow his trailer lights and take the Boler to town and get the windows re-sized and installed properly.

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